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13 June 2008
AMEC presentations

Details of the new AMEC proposals will be presented at a series of public meetings. The dates and locations are as follows:

They are apparently proposing to reduce the number of turbines from 47 to around 22 in the heart of the forest. They have already had discussions with various interested parties.

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15 February 2008
Feedback from AMEC Meeting

It seems that Amec are at the pre-planning stage exploring the possibility of submitting a new planning application, which would address the concerns of the Reporter which led her to recommend refusal of the original proposal.

They are thinking in terms of high teens or low twenties turbines. They would be taking away the thirteen turbines strung along the ridge above the Glass valley, which is good news for us, but the wire frame diagram from Wester Bodylair shows several in full view and some bits of blades above the sky line, and also taking out two the Cabrach end.

Reassuringly, there is no change in the River Board position. The bulk of the turbines and their connecting roads remain sited on areas of extreme sensitivity for the fishers and the peat.

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1 February 2008
A letter to Huntly Express

Dear Sir,
Your account of the meeting to discuss the future of the Clashindarroch Forest omitted any mention of their former intention to fell 17% of the forest to accommodate a wind powered electricity generating plant.

This is because their presentation also omitted any mention of their allowing forestry land to be used for industrial development.

Puzzled by this, I took the matter up with the Forestry Commission District Officer.

He has confirmed that, despite the Public Inquiry finding against the development, both AMEC and the Forestry Commission are going to try again. I believe in the trade this is known as ' doing a Tesco' - ignoring planning regulations, putting in application after application until the opposition is worn down and frightening the Council off with the prospect of having to pay huge legal bills to fight on.

At the meeting the Forestry Commssion made much of their concern for the environment.

At the Inquiry, the Reporter found that AMEC had not taken sufficient account in their application of the environmental impact of the scheme, nor had worked out in sufficient detail what they would do to mitigate the impact of thei major engineering works in the forest.

It is a pity that, whilst expressing concern for environmental issues, the Commission continues its association with a company which treats the environment so dismissively.

Yours faithfully, Richard Hammock
Culdrain House, Gartly

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